Benchmarking Your Computer

There’s plenty of different ways to determine how fast your machine is, they’re super easy to run and give you a pretty accurate picture of how fast your machine is compared to other machines.

Before running a benchmark, make sure you quit any other applications that are running as they’ll make your score worse!

Here’s a couple of the tools we use:


This tool takes about 5 minutes to run and will give you scores based on how fast your machine is compared to a reference machine. This test is mostly accurate, however isn’t as in depth in terms of determining gaming speed as 3DMark. But it’s super easy to run, so it’s a nice quick way to get a general idea of your machine.

Currently, the reference machine is very similar to our Signature Build. It’s a Core i7-7700 with a GTX1070.

Here’s an example of a UserBenchmark Result:

To run a UserBenchmark on your own machine. Go to:

Click the Free Download button at the top of the page.

Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions.

When the test is finished, it will give you a webpage like the one linked above. The percentage scores are how fast your machine is compared to their reference build. A score of 100% means your machine is pretty good. 40-100% is still pretty decent and should play most games alright. Over 100% means your machine is awesome.


3DMark is one of the best benchmarks for gaming computers. It runs some pretty complex tests that look really pretty. It’s a hefty download, but will give you a really good picture of how fast your machine is!

It will give you a score that’s an overall number, as well as a number for your graphics and CPU.

There’s a number of tests you can run, for most of our machines, we run the Time Spy and the Fire Strike test on their default settings.

To run the test, go to:

Scroll down to 3DMark Basic Edition and hit the Free Download button. It’s a 4GB download.

Once it’s downloaded, install it and run the Time Spy or Fire Strike tests. Some older machines may not even be good enough to run the test at all!

Check our PC Builds page to compare your score to our custom built machines!

As always, if you have any troubles with your machine or you want a performance upgrade, come into our store, or say hi on our Discord!

How we do our benchmarks

When we benchmark our machines at TechAddicts, we don’t do anything fancy to the machine.  We make sure the drivers are all up to date and that any normal enhancements are turned on (eg. XMP Profiles for the Memory).  The condition that you get the machine in is exactly the state in which we give it to you.

Also note, that we don’t pre-overclock our machines or overclock when running benchmarks. They’re given out with all CPU settings on default. The only exception to this is the memory XMP profiles as it’s considered a very safe level of overclock.