Patriot Viper V570 Mouse Review

Here’s a quick review I did of the Patriot Viper V570 Mouse.

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It feels nice, fits my hand nicely, however the side buttons will take a bit of getting used to.
On the bottom it has ceramic feet that allow it to glide around super easy and should make the pads on the bottom last longer than the normal plastic ones.
The LED lighting is pretty cool, with 7 LED zones you can set independantly of eachother.
The scroll wheel is a little interesting, as I can tilt it to the right, but not to the left (and it counts as a middle click).
The sensor is an Avago ADNS 9800 Laser sensor, so it will track pretty well on pretty much any surface, however can suffer from acceleration issues when using really low mouse sensitivities. However I couldn’t really tell 😛


It’s not the worst mouse software I’ve used. It’s pretty simple, but lets you set macros for all your keys, adjust your lighting pretty easily and set the DPI settings.

Pros and Cons

+ Feels Solid
+ LED Lighting is really nice
+ Software does the job
+ Ceramic feet make it glide beautifully

– Sensor for the tracking is average
– Side buttons are going to take some effort to get used to