Corsair Crystal 570X Case Review

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Here is the transcript of the video above:

Hey guys, today I’m reviewing the Corsair Crystal 570X PC case.
This is the top of the line mid tower case from Corsair, and boy is it pretty.


– Tempered glass on top, sides and front.
– 4 different case colours, Red, Black, White and Mirror Black
– 3xCorsair SP120 fans, including an LED fan hub and controller
– Support for 360mm, 280mm and 120mm radiators
– Cable routing all over the place
– Support for upto ATX size mainboards
– 2×3.5″ Drive bays, 2×2.5″ Drive bays

Hardware Quality

The build quality on this thing is glorious. It’s really solid.
The fan filters all line themselves up by magnets, so you just put it near where it’s supposed to be and it’ll click itself into place.


There’s plenty of places to route cables through, however, because the back panel is tempered glass too, you’re obliged to properly cable manage the back side of your case too. This means the time taken to build your machine goes up by another 1/2 hour to an hour to get everything perfect.

You can hide most of your cables in next to your PSU as there’s a shroud there. There’s screw holes on the end of the PSU shroud that make it look like it’s supposed to have a cap on the end to hide your cables, however there wasn’t one with mine in the box.
This case makes it hard to use sleeved extenstion cables, there’s a cable routing cover in the back, but you won’t be able to fit a full mainboard power connector extension in there.

One of my pet peeves with PC cases is when they don’t give you much room at the top for getting your CPU power cables through after you’ve installed the mainboard (I’m looking at you Corsair Carbide SPEC-04!). The Corsair Crystal 570X doesn’t have any issues with this thankfully. There’s tons of room up there for fitting everything in!

The specs state that the case supports all sorts of watercoolers, however, my 120mm Be Quiet water cooler would only fit on the front.
If I put it on the back, there’s not enough clearance with the motherboard IO ports to be able to fit it. If I put it on the top, there’s not enough clearance to fit the radiator, fans and the RAM (Corsair Vengeance RGB Ram). Thankfully, there’s a ton of space in the front of the case, so I put it there instead (it’s not super ideal though, because that means that CPU heat is getting pumped into the case).

Fans and Controller

It comes with the SP120 fans, which are the slightly less pretty version of the Corsair LED fans. For a case this premium I would have hoped for the LL120 fans. The SP120 fans have 4 LEDs and they look pretty cool. Not as cool as the LL120 fans though!

The SP120 fans that come in the case has an LED controller with some pretty basic settings on them (colour, effect and speed), the controller is inside the machine, but has buttons on the top of the case for controlling them. Note that you can’t control the fans via software without upgrading your fan controller for one of the pro models!

Thankfully, I already had a set of the Corsair LL120 fans with a controller. I pulled the existing controller out and put my own one in!

Other Bits

This case is pretty heavy, and it’s mostly the tempered glass. It usually wouldn’t be a problem, however there’s no really easy spots to pick up the case from. You basically just have to grab it from underneath in the middle, as there’s no clearance for your hand to grab it on the front, and underneath at the back has the PSU fan cover.

Corsair actually offer another case called the Corsair Crystal 460X, which has most of the features of the 570X, but is slightly smaller and only has tempered glass on the front and side panel. Making it lighter, and easier to build due to not having to cable manage the back of the case.


She’s a beautiful looking case, but the cost for something so beautiful is high with the increased weight of the glass and the requirement of perfect cable management on both the front and the back.
Put the time into the case to get it setup just right, and she’ll be beautiful. I’m going to give it 8.5/10 Ducks.