Patriot Viper V770 Keyboard Review

Here’s a quick review I did on the Patriot Viper V770 Gaming Keyboard!


This keyboard feels solid. It’s using Red Kailh Mechanical Keys, so they’re light and smooth. For some reason this keyboard feels super comfortable to use (with the wrist rest attached, it just feels perfectly positioned).
The LED lighting is bright and pretty and allows for a heap of customisation, but will reflect off a screen if you’ve got your desk setup with a laptop directly behind the keyboard.
I like how the volume control feels (just the right amount of clickyness so you don’t end up throwing the volume up super loud without realising it). The media controls are odd in that you slide the button up for play/pause, down for stop.
The wrist rest is really cool and has RGB lighting. However the magnets aren’t super strong so it has the tendancy to pop off when you go to slide your keyboard over.


The software does the job. It lets you set all your lighting and customise macros, including the ability to remap any key on the keyboard to anything you like (when I was reviewing it, I accidentally remapped the a key to search.. whoops!)

Pros and Cons

+ Feels solid
+ Very Comfortable to use
+ LED Lighting is cool
+ Media/Volume keys are nice

– LED Lighting reflects out the back
– Kailh Red Keys make it so easy to miss keys

Overall, it gets a score of 7.5/10 Ducks!