Terms and Conditions

TechAddicts (Coffs) PTY LTD is an Australian Company located in Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450 and is the Sole Owner of www.techaddicts.com.au

TechAddicts takes your privacy very seriously and we will always ensure to protect your information. including how, when and where your personal information is collected and used.

TechAddicts complies with the Privacy Act 1988.

What Personal Information Do We Collect?

Personal information such as your Full Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address

Advertising Disclaimer: I understand TechAddicts may use images of my equipment on social media, videos or printed materials. I understand that my identity will remain anonymous.

What Information Do We Give to Third Parties?

TechAddicts does not release any of your supplied details to Third parties, we keep your data secure internal only.

What Payment Methods do we accept?

TechAddicts accept CASH, Credit Card including VISA/Mastercard and American Express and Bank transfer. Payments can only be made in-store for ALL orders currently.

If Bank transfer is used orders will not be released until the payment clears this can up to 5 business days depending on the bank.

Refund, Return & Warranty Policy:

What is our return policy?

TechAddicts do not normally give refunds or exchanges if you:

  • simply change your mind
  • purchased the wrong product
  • already knew of a fault in a product, or TechAddicts specifically advised you at the time of purchase of a fault in a product
  • You damage a product after the purchase due to alterations to the product not performed by us, damage the product due to unusual or non-recommended use of the product or damage the product where the damage is caused by any factors beyond TechAddicts control
  • NO proof of purchase can be provided (Proof of purchase can include a bank statement or original invoice)

How do I request / notify a Refund, Return, Warranty Claim & or Consumer Guarantee Claim?

Please note if the product returned to us is found to have NO FAULT for any warranty claim or consumer guarantee claim, a fee of $49 with any additional shipping charges may apply; and any relevant authorised service centre fees may also be applied.

How can I be eligible for Refund, Return, Warranty Claim & or Consumer Guarantee Claim?

To be eligible for a refund, return, warranty claim, or consumer guarantee claim you must meet the following requirements:

  • Report the details of the fault and take the goods back to TechAddicts within a reasonable timeframe
  • Explain what action you would like TechAddicts to take, this does not guarantee that the action you request will be accepted
  • Be able to provide proof of purchase when returning the products
  • Stop using the faulty item immediately
  • Ensure reasonable care is taken while the products are in your possession.
  • Be sure that you did not cause the fault ie. The fault was not caused by the product being used in an abnormal or non-recommended way. Such a use may be noted in the manufacturer’s warranty and as such deeming the manufacturer’s warranty void;
  • The product must not be disposed of, lost or destroyed. TechAddicts need to be able to prove that the product has failed
  • TechAddicts recommends that you carefully review the details of the manufacturer’s warranty (if such a warranty applies) and ensure that you comply with the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty. TechAddicts accepts no responsibility for non-compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty.