We at TechAddicts have partnered with DJI to bring you the best that the drone world has to offer!

We are able to repair and service any DJI drone, as well as any other make of drone too!

DJI Drones

DJI are the market leader in drones for both consumers and enterprise. All of us here at TechAddicts are drone enthusiasts, we’ve all had multiple drones of different brands and types and every time the DJI Drones come out on top.

They’re robust, have awesome camera and build quality and are super easy to fly. What more could you want?

DJI/Ryze Tello

The DJI Tello is the most cost effective drone that DJI has to offer. It features a 10 minute battery life, 100meter range and a 720p camera as well as optical image stabilisation and super easy to use controls.

For more info on the DJI Tello, click here!