Patriot P200 256GB SATA III SSD

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Patriot P200S256G25, 256GB SATA III SSD, P200, Read Speed: 530MB & Write Speed: 460MB, 90K IPOs Read & 80K IOPs Write – SMI 2258XT, 3 Years

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Patriot’s P200 series is built as a high-performance SATA III controller, a great solution for cost-eective and low power PC’s and notebooks. With transfer speeds of up to 530MB/s Read and 460 MB/s Write, the P200 SSD improves start-up, loading, and transfer times. The 7mm high 2.5” form factor SSD is perfect for easy and fast upgrades to your overall system. With more storage than ever, the P200 series comes with capacities up to 2TB. Enough to securely store large les and provide eciency towards daily tasks. Enhance your computer’s performance and speed up application loading to provide for a better gaming experience and productivity. Backed by limited warranty, Patriot’s P200 series delivers one of the most reliable and price-to-performance SSD’s on the market. 


• SMI 2258XT Series Controller

• Global wear leveling algorithm, maximizes SSD lifespan

• Automatic sleep and wake-up mechanism power saving

• Built-in power-on reset and voltage regulators.

• Built-in temperature sensor.

• Trim Support

• Longer life time cycle (TBW)

• MTBF: >2,000,000 hours


• 4K Aligned Random Read: up to 90K IOPs

• 4K Aligned Random Write: up to 80K IOPs

• Sequential Read (ATTO): up to 530MB/s

• Sequential Write (ATTO): up to 460MB/S

• Terrabytes Written (TBW): 160TB

• Interface: SATA III 6Gb/s

 • Form Factor: 2.5"

• Operating Voltage: 5v

• Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 70°C



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