What we do

  • Custom Built Desktop Computers (Home, Office, High End Gaming)
  • NEW Laptops (HP, ASUS, Lenovo)
  • DJI Drones
  • Computer Repairs
  • Gaming Accessories and ZQRacing Chairs
  • Computer Parts and Accessories

Service Menu

Here is our list of basic charges for common services, if you’ve got something interesting or unusual that needs repair and isn’t covered by one of the below, please feel free to contact us for a quote!

For information on our Terms and Conditions of service, please click here.

In-Store Labour Charges Hourly Rate $130.00 per hour
Minimum In-Store Fee $20.00 (no more than 10mins)
Minimum Workbench Fee $49.00 (no more than 20mins)
Diagnostic Fee $69.00 (no more than 30mins and only simple fixes included)
Basic Hardware install (screens, internal batteries, keyboards, motherboards, cpu’s, graphic cards, wifi cards and power supplies) $49.00
Insurance Reports (includes diagnostics, photos, report and if needed insurance company contact) $99.00
Drone Repair $60.00 per hour
Hardware Quote (includes keyboards, batteries, screens etc) FREE (Unless to quote device needs disassembling and will take more than 5 mins than refer to Minimum In-Store Fee)
Remote Support (TeamViewer) $65.00 per 30 mins (minimum 30 mins)
On-Site Labour $140.00 per hour
Windows OS Reloads Reload Windows OS, Drivers, Windows Updates and Basic Software $149.00
Software Reloads/ Backup Setup Reload Microsoft Office, Antivirus Software and Specialised Software/Setup FREE Backup Software/Automatic Backups $49.00 (not included with Windows OS Reloads) – Separate charge
MAC OSX Reloads Reload Mac OSX and Perform Updates $60.00
iOS Reloads Basic (no iTunes backup) $30.00
Advanced (includes iTunes backup and restore) $60.00